Our Story

Our story doesn't begin the way that many other farms' stories do.  We didn't get our start as farmers.  We didn't grow up working the land, and until a few years ago, we didn't know what disc harrows, or A-frame levels, or cover crops were.

Flower farming began much the same way as many of my projects:  an idea hatched on a sleepless night, while scrolling the Interwebs as one ought not do during states of sleeplessness.  Fun fact - this is also how we ended up with a new kitchen backsplash, a flock of ducks and chickens, and a summer's worth of weekends spent building a shed.  

I quickly bought a book - and then two more - I read all of the blogs, ordered all of the seeds, and made my spreadsheets.  I would hit the ground running once our almost-permafrost finally melted! 

Spoiler alert:  unlike many of my projects, this one has not been so easily mastered.  It presented challenge after challenge, and tested both my patience and my drive.  One predictably impossible and humbling growing season later, we took stock as a family to reassess whether or not this was an endeavor worth pursuing.  Was it worth the energy?  The time?  The investment?  The answer was an ever-more-determined yes... with some reality checks along the way.  

We've made a lot of strides since those early days.  We have increased our growing space from six modest 50' beds, to an acre of fully farmed beds and several acres of foraged native species; we've shifted our sales channels from strictly wholesale to also include working directly with our favorite customers (you!); and, perhaps the most fun change we've made is that we've added Ophelia, our flower truck, to our team.  This special flower truck allows us to come directly to our customers with farm fresh blooms.  Whether at farmers' markets or your place of business, we make a fresh dose of happy easily accessible for you!

We are so excited and feel so privileged to be doing the work that allows us to contribute to your special celebrations and moments of every day joy. Learn a little bit more about what we do and how we do it below!



We believe that we can do well by doing good

We also appreciate that businesses have the power to affect broad change, even absent legislative mandates.

In addition to running our farm responsibly, we have also partnered with One Tree Planted.  For every large bouquet or bucket purchased, we donate to this fabulous, Vermont-based non-profit to plant a tree to help restore our planet's deforested areas.  

One Tree Planted works both within the United States - and is in the planning stages for helping to repair damage done by last season's wildfires in the western part of the country - as well as abroad.