The Farm



The Basics

We are a family farm located at our home in Etna, New Hampshire.  We grow specialty cut flowers, forage for abundant native species, and we are wholly committed to sustainable practices in every decision that we make.


Sustainable Growing

We have a passion for preservation. 

A harsh reality of farming is our industry's vulnerability to its rapidly changing climate due to human-driven activities.  Among agricultural crops, cut flowers generate one of the highest carbon footprints recorded.

We are committed to reducing the staggering carbon footprint of cut flowers by providing beautiful, local options for our customers.  Beyond our proximity to our customers in the farm-to-vase journey, we further reduce the carbon footprint of this product by developing agricultural practices that are sustainable and self-contained:

  • We never use any pesticides or harmful chemicals on our land or our crops

  • Wherever possible, we harvest rainwater and build soil by applying the principals of permaculture

  • We partner with local businesses to source materials locally and re-purpose waste (think wood chips - not municipal sludge!)

  • We use our happy flock of chickens and ducks to help us manage insect pressure and fertilize our growing beds

  • We lean heavily on cover crops to help restore vital nutrients and organic matter to our soil